My first release!

I am proud to present my first CD to you! These recordings are all made by me. The first songs are of lesser quality, but my equipment got better along the way :) CD artwork will be here soon as well.

You gotta hear the Tahitimas EP. Split in four, lores 48kbps, but it's one song.

Part I (Winter)
Part II (Spring)
Part III (Summer)
Part IV (Fall)

Or as a single file, in full glorious hires VBR, as Tahitimas.mp3 (36Mb!)

Orrr... Now available as a CD-R! For all you hardware adoring collecting fanatics... like myself :)

Please contact me for a copy at postbus AT poesboes DOT demon DOT nl!

New, new, NEW (think reverb here..)
Hot of the synth. Picture: Couch, nice beer, immaculate synth (Waldorf uQk), me twiddling knobs to try to make a sound. And then i run to get some wires to hook my lovely synthy machine to my computer to record!! Hah.. My kind of Thursday evening. Have a listen!:


Call it a working title... Enjoy!

Orrr... Share that better 'my beer is finished; black coffee now!' feel with your neighbors. Well you probably get them to your doorstep with this bit of Dark Industrial!
Love Thy Neighborrrrrggggg!

My neighbor is playing Tight Fit: 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' now. Grrraaaawwww ;) That's the lion. I like that song. Just to make that clear.
And thinking through on this neighbor thing.. I want to dedicate this piece of GRRR to Jo, who does/is Auralpressure. She's on MySpace as well.

Song called 'ADD'; Analog to digital to digital up! You can find that in the experiment section.
Song called 'Sunday Headache'; my first attempt at a sequencer phrase, with samples from a vintage beatbox, MIDI in/out pfff.. Hence the title! And you might have to agree it sounds like that party last night still in your ears!
A song to the style of the Legendary Pink Dots and/or Jah Wobble. A little lo-fi trial! Mathematical Equality. The lyrics are improvised and could do with more proper thought...
A full length new ambient piece using my new Waldorf Q+! It's a slow piece with a lot of outside sounds creeping in. This is quite a long piece, so you can choose to have a little peek at an excerpt or the full 27 minutes:

He, he... two searing analog pieces made with trusty Korg family and Nord Micro Modular a little while back.. Pretty dancable i think!!

Creepy Hallows I (12.5 Mb!)
Creepy Hallows II(7.5Mb!)

Ohh. that's the session when this photo was taken by the way:

Long time nothing new.. started things back up again! For now a little concept trying out some newly aquired boxes:
Lonely Planet (concept)(6.8Mb!)
Which is Clavia Nord Micro Modular, Digitech IPS 33B Super Harmony Machine and Lexicon MPX-110.

(30th October 2007)
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